Can You Put an Air Fryer On a Wooden Surface?

Can You Put an Air Fryer On a Wooden Surface

Several benefits of using an air fryer make it a household favorite. Additionally, it is a handy portable appliance that can be used anywhere. However, air fryers reach high temperatures, which leads many users to wonder if they can be placed on a wooden surface since they are designed to reach high temperatures.

Air fryers cannot be placed on wooden surfaces due to the heat they emit. Instead, place something under the air fryer to protect the wood from heat, such as a silicone mat.

Keeping your countertop safe while cooking food in an air fryer is key to making the most of your air fryer.

How an air fryer could react with wooden surfaces?

There are some countertops made of wood that have been specially treated to withstand extreme heat, but this is not the case with all countertops. It is not a good idea to place your air fryer on a wooden surface. This kind of countertop isn’t only durable but also more expensive.

  • Cracks and warps: Wood surfaces, especially basic types, will warp with time if not crack. As a result, you’ll need to replace them, which takes more effort and money.
  • Discoloration: The wooden surface may also discolor with time due to constant exposure to heat. It may gain stains or even char if not cared for properly.

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What you need to know about air fryers damaging wooden countertops?

It is a known fact that air fryers can damage expensive kitchen surfaces, despite being relatively easy to use. Here’s how they can damage these surfaces:

Burn marks and discoloration

A wooden surface as a surface for an air fryer will initially appear as if there are no differences. However, after a certain period, you will observe burn marks or brown marks.

There is a possibility that the marks will stay. So, it’s best not to take a chance. If the marks do not go away, polishing might be the solution.

Heat damage

Heat Damage Wooden Surface

In addition to heat vents, air fryers have conductive surfaces that dissipate heat from inside. If an air fryer is placed on a wooden surface, the heat may not escape. As a result, constant contact can damage the wood.

When you feel the wooden surface of the air fryer after making dinner with it, you should put something underneath it. If it is hot, it means the air fryer needs to be placed on something.

Cracks and warps

Air fryers can also cause cracks in wooden surfaces. The wood can even warp if left untreated. Leaving the surface as is will only make the cracks worse and the warping even more noticeable.

The surface structure will be compromised, causing a fire hazard. Also, not all woods can withstand extreme temperatures.


You can even melt wooden surfaces that are mixed with laminate or plastic material when the air fryer’s heat is applied. This isn’t something that will happen during the first use, but definitely after extended use.

Moisture issues

In addition to heat damage, air fryers can also damage wood surface moisture. Because they release steam during operation, moisture can damage wood surfaces further.

Protecting the air fryer surface with these things

It is important to protect your wooden surface from these damages by taking precautions! Here are a few items you can use to keep it in good condition!

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden Cutting Boards

In addition to protecting your air fryer from the wooden surface, wooden cutting boards can also be used as a shield. Using a wooden cutting board is easy, maintainable, and easy, and we all have one lying around in our house for quick use, since they can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Besides being a protective surface, bamboo cutting boards are also great for cutting!

Aluminum Heat-Resistant Mats

Aluminum Heat-Resistant Mats

Aluminum heat-resistant mats are similar to silicone heat mats. They are designed to keep hot dishes on, which is useful as a base for air fryers.

Mats made of aluminum feature rubber bases to prevent them from slipping off the counter. Steel with nonstick aluminum coatings act as a shield between appliances and countertops. Best of all, they’re easy to clean!

Heat-resistant ceramic tiles

Despite their price tag, heat-resistant ceramic tiles are designed to withstand moisture and high temperatures, up to 350°F. However, these tiles are extremely hot when in use.

The best way to avoid damaging your countertop over time is to invest in heat-resistant tile if you’re a frequent cook.

Silicone heat mats

Silicone Heat Mats

The silicone heat mat is also an excellent option, as they are much cheaper than ceramic tiles that are heat-resistant. Silicone heat mats can withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

A food-grade silicone mat that’s safe to use and easy to clean after cooking. The mat comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring you can find the right size for your air fryer.

Tempered glass cutting boards

The wooden surface can also be protected from the air fryer if you have tempered glass cutting boards. Tempered glass cutting boards can withstand temperatures up to 336 degrees Fahrenheit, so they’re suitable for use with hot appliances. It’s best, however, not to put hot items on glass cutting boards too often.

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You should not place an air fryer on a wooden surface without using heat-resistant tiles or place mats underneath. We’ve provided a few options above so that you can make your choice. Take your pick and protect your wooden surfaces!