Can You Put Metal in an Air Fryer?

Can You Put Metal in an Air Fryer

There are a variety of foods you can cook with air fryers, from chicken wings and fries to vegetables and even cakes. Food is cooked by circulating hot air around it, which gives it a crispy, fried texture while cooking it quickly and evenly.

Metal can be safely put in an air fryer, but many people question whether it is safe to do so. The majority of traditional frying methods use a deep fryer filled with oil, and metal products like baskets and tongs are commonly used to hold and flip the food. Do air fryers work the same way?

Depending on what type of metal and what air fryer model you have, it will vary. It is possible for some air fryers to handle the use of metal utensils, while others may not be able to. Here’s what you should know about air fryers and metal.

Types of Metal Utensils

When considering whether or not to use metal utensils in an air fryer, you need to consider the type of metal. Air fryers are designed for the safe and efficient cooking of metals, and some metals are more durable and heat-resistant than others.

An air fryer uses stainless steel utensils, which are commonly chosen for kitchen utensils. Due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, it is a safe option for air fryers. You should keep in mind that some stainless steel items may have plastic or rubber handles, which should never come into direct contact with the air fryer’s heating element.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Utensils made of aluminum are also commonly used in kitchens. While lightweight and reasonably inexpensive, aluminum is less durable than stainless steel, which can be more prone to scratching and denting. Air fryers can also benefit from aluminum’s good heat conductivity, which can both be a benefit and a drawback. The heat can be evenly distributed around the food, but it can also be conducted away from the food, which can affect the time it takes to cook.

Aluminium Utensils

Besides cast iron and copper, other metal types can also be used in an air fryer, but you should consider their durability and heat conductivity first.

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Air Fryer Models

Air Fryer Models

The model of air fryer you use is also important to consider, in addition to the type of metal. Some air fryers can handle the use of metal utensils, but others cannot.

Cooking food on an air fryer with a nonstick basket or pan can be easier because it won’t stick to the surface. It is possible, however, to scratch or damage the non-stick coating if you use metal utensils, which can compromise the performance of the air fryer.

Some air fryers come with a basket or pan made of metal, such as stainless steel, which is more durable and can hold utensils made of metal. Even so, if you do not use these utensils properly, they can still scratch or damage the surface of these types of air fryers.

Is It Safe To Use A Metal Bowl In An Air Fryer?

If you wish to avoid any problems, make sure you only use metal bowls that are marketed as “Oven Safe”. On the bottom or on the side, you should see the wording. The item description on the metal bowls should be reviewed if you bought them from an online store.

Don’t use your metal bowl if you cannot find these wordings or if you are unsure about the material it is made of. It is possible to destroy the metal bowl and get an unpleasant odor from the food if you do this.

What Cannot Be Placed Inside An Air Fryer?

What Cannot Be Placed Inside An Air Fryer

It is not recommended to use your air fryer for cooking painted metal dishes or utensils. Heat will ruin these paints almost instantly because they aren’t always made to withstand heat.

The heated painted metal dishes might release toxic gasses when heated, which is another risk. Your food could be contaminated with these gasses and could cause serious health problems.

Don’t place anything plastic or wood inside your air fryer. If your tray or dish is metal, make sure it is not plated with wood or plastic. Heatproof and oven-safe silicone handles are fine, but they must be heat-resistant.

A paper towel or baking paper should also never be placed inside an air fryer. Airflow inside the chamber could be restricted or caught on fire if these catch fire. It’s better to use a metal-air frying basket to drain excess fat or juice into the drip tray.

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Final Thoughts

It is my hope that this article has shown you that air fryers can use metal cookware without fear. A microwave cannot be used to cook with these objects, but metal cookware that is oven-safe can be used in an air fryer.

Choosing cookware and bakeware for your air fryer is as simple as following the above guidelines. Dishes made of stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals are suitable for use. Keep paint and plastic away from the oven, and make sure all your objects are oven-safe.

If you are now more at ease, you can experiment with more delicious air fryer recipes using metal cookware and air fryer safe pans.