Do Air Fryers Require Special Pans?

Do Air Fryers Require Special Pans

Air fryers are great appliances for preparing vegetables, meats, and baked goods for healthy eating. Despite the fact that air fryers require special pans, some people wonder if they also have to buy those.

Fortunately, air fryer pans are not necessary because you can use your regular oven pans, including those used in microwaves. There are, however, a few things to consider when choosing air fryer pans.

Types of Pans to Use in an Air Fryer

There are also various materials that can be used to make oven-safe bakeware. Be sure to inspect oven-safe labels when selecting the following bakeware.


Metal baking vessels are virtually limitless and include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron metal air fryers. Aluminum and stainless steel bakeware, along with stainless steel air fryers, are the most common types of metal bakeware.

A metal bakeware pan is different from other types of bakeware because it can conduct heat well. Aluminum is prone to warping as it heats up rapidly, whereas stainless steel is more durable and does not warp. If you intend to sear or grill food with cast iron, you should pre-heat it in your air fryer first.

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Ceramic baking dishes and Dutch ovens retain heat extremely well, which means your food can be cooked faster than in cast iron, stone or stainless steel. If you want to preserve the enamel coating, do not bang them against the side.


Can your air fryer be used with a pizza stone? I am happy to inform you that you can! Although the heating coil is close to stone, it is perfectly safe to cook with. The only problem is finding a pizza stone that fits inside an air fryer’s food basket!

If you’re looking for an appropriate pizza stone to use with an air fryer, then this 12-inch pizza stone should fit.


It looks like rubber or plastic, right? Air fryers cannot be used with silicone, but silicone baking molds and liners are perfectly safe to use with your air fryer. Silicone molds are naturally nonstick, so you don’t have to grease them to make them work.

Silicone is extremely thermally resistant, but it has a very low thermal conductivity. In silicone baking dishes, it takes several longer to cook food because heat is transferred more slowly. You won’t have any problems making cupcakes, muffins, and casseroles as long as you use silicone molds.

Tempered glass

If you plan on using glass baking dishes in your air fryer or oven, make sure they are marked “tempered.” When tempered glass breaks, it does not break into millions of sharp fragments, so it does not cause a lot of accidents. The glass can withstand temperatures beyond 450°F in an oven for crisping foods in an air fryer.

What Is An Air Fryer Safe Pan?

A pan that is safe for use with an air fryer should have the following characteristics:

  • Air fryer pans come in a variety of shapes to accommodate different types of recipes, including square, rectangular, round, and oval, that fit perfectly inside air fryer baskets.
  • Due to their heat resistance and inability to warp, aluminum, stainless steel, and silicone are frequently used for air fryer safe pans.
  • Nonstick coatings are often found on air fryer safe pans, making releasing food easier and making cleanup easier.
  • Besides offering heat resistance, air fryer safe pans can withstand temperatures up to 400°F (200°C), which is the maximum temperature reached by air fryers.
  • The air fryer safety category includes pans that can be used for baking, roasting, grilling, and other cooking methods in addition to air fryers.
  • It is important to make sure that the pan you choose is compatible with your model of air fryer, since sizes and shapes vary from model to model.
  • Designed to be easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and easy to maintain, they are dishwasher safe.

Cooking a variety of dishes in an air fryer is easy with air fryer safe pans, such as cakes, casseroles, roasted vegetables, and so on. Additionally, they can be convenient and easy to use when cooking a variety of recipes, in addition to increasing the versatility of your air fryer. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines carefully when using your air fryer model to ensure a successful and safe cooking experience.

Is it necessary to use special pans with air fryers?

The majority of the food that can be cooked in an air fryer, including frozen foods, French fries, and meat, can be prepared without using a special pan. For wet foods and dishes containing sauces or batters, it is necessary to use a special pan before preparing baked goods such as muffins or cupcakes.

You can use any pan you already have in your kitchen if you don’t have air fryers’ specific pans. It is very important to consider what your end result will be before choosing the right pan for your air fryer, because the air fryer is a small convection oven that can cook anything that can be baked in a conventional oven.

The best way to make muffins and cupcakes, for example, is to use a muffin pan. You will need a deep pan if you are using batter or wet ingredients so that that they don’t spill over.

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When I cook food in an air fryer, do I need a pan?

Air fryers are comprised mostly of the motor base, the food basket, and the food pan. To make delicious, crispy food, air fryers only need these three components.

There is no need to use additional bakeware when cooking. Only foods that will spill or drip everywhere require additional bakeware. Generally, you can cook most vegetables and meat directly in a pot, such as french fries, steaks, chicken thighs, shrimp, and many others.