How to use Air Fryer Liners?

How to use Air Fryer Liners

Air fryers have become increasingly popular over the past few years for many reasons. The benefits of this type of cooking include its speed, ease of use, ease of cleanup, and lower fat and oil content than frying pans.

Air fryer lids are another option if you use an air fryer for home cooking along with air fryer liners. Compared to only using an air fryer basket, they save you time and money because nothing is wasted, so you can cook more conveniently.

The following caveats and considerations should be considered, however. Using air fryer liners can help you revolutionize your cooking with this fun and popular device.

How does an air fryer liner work?

How does an air fryer liner work

Air fryer liners are reusable sheets of non-stick material that are used when air frying. By using perforated liners, you’ll have all-round cooking because the holes circulate air around the cooking basket.

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Air fryers come in various types

In order to understand air fryer liners, it makes sense to first understand the types of air fryers. Because not all air fryers fit all liners, not all liners work.

Basket air friers

There are a few types of air fryers on the market, but it appears that this type is one of the most popular. There are usually two or three compartments in each drawer. In addition to a variety of sizes available, people can select the model that is best suited to their needs.

It is also possible to purchase air fryer baskets that are available in different shapes. Single drawer air fryers usually have circular or square baskets, while dual drawer air fryers typically have rectangular baskets.

The oven-style air fryer

There are many similarities between air fryers and miniature counter-top ovens. When cooking food, a clear window is often used instead of a basket so you can view it. Other accessories and attachments available for oven-style air fryers include rotisseries and spikes for grilling kebabs.

With air fryer function in the multicooker

Because this is the type of air fryer I own, I will use it for all of my recipes. You control the cooking process by adjusting the basket within the Ninja 7-in-1 multicooker. There are very few differences between an air fryer and a basket air fryer. A newer version with even more features became available shortly after my purchase.

Paddle type of air fryer

My memory goes back as far as I can remember when these air fryers first appeared. In the fryer industry, Tefal ActiFry is among the most well-known brands. Years ago, I had one of those before getting my current Ninja multi cooker.

As their name implies, their paddle or arm circulates air around the air fryer tray while the food cooks. Air is circulated both by the paddle and the food in paddle air fryers, so the tray doesn’t have holes.

Different types of air fryer liners

Air fryer liners are also available in many different types, so you can choose to use one that best suits your needs.

Silicone liners

There are many different reusable air fryer liners available, such as these. A variety of air fryer basket sizes and shapes are available, so you should be able to locate one that fits your oven. The use of air fryers is not permitted, unless they are paddle-types.

Silicone liners make great multi-purpose liners that are easy to clean. Dishwashers are compatible with almost all of them.

Walled silicone liners

Most silicone liners are made from these materials. Despite its name, the basket has a silicone wall inside. Depending on the skylight, some have holes in their walls or bases to allow better air circulation, while others don’t. Wafe provided a walled silicone liner that was of excellent quality.

Flat silicone

A silicone liner with a flat surface can be used in basket air fryers. Air fryers that are oven-style are more commonly found with them. These silicone sheets have ventilation holes drilled in them. Due to the lack of walls, your air fryer can’t prevent its sides from sticking to surfaces.

Disposable parchment liners

It is possible to purchase disposable liners for most air fryers in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. In addition to parchment liners with walls, parchment liners are also available with flat sides.

The parchment liners are generally without holes as well. Although some are available with holes, there are others without. They are intended solely for one-time use, despite their name.

Tin foil

The majority of people do not invest in air fryer accessories but instead use tin foil in their air fryers. If you want, you can fold or bend your air fryer into any shape you want. There is no question that you can only make holes in tin foil if you do it yourself.

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In what ways should air fryer liners be used?

In what ways should air fryer liners be used

The benefits of using air fryer liners are endless. The food can then be placed on top of them after you have placed them in the basket. It is not recommended to put them in the air fryer on their own, for example when preheating, since they could be burned.

When handling the liner after cooking, be careful not to burn yourself. You can wipe the surface clean using a damp cloth or gently wash it using warm soapy water.

Tip and recommendations

Tip and recommendations

Whenever you use silicone mats or reusable liners in your air fryer, you must clean them promptly and properly. When choosing materials for your air fryer, make sure they are food grade. Commercial air fryers can be used with any product you purchase.

It is important to choose air fryer liners that fit your machine when you are choosing them. The liners should be made to fit your air fryer basket if it has a different shape. Alternatively, you can cut foil, parchment paper or other materials according to their sizes and tuck them into place.

The first time you use an air fryer, air fryer liners are a great way to get familiar with the technology. Do not be afraid to experiment with new recipes and techniques; you may discover you enjoy making dishes you had never anticipated!