Where to Put Air Fryer in Kitchen?

Where to Put Air Fryer in Kitchen

Air fryers should be placed in the kitchen according to their convenience and safety. Keeping it in a place where you can easily grab ingredients and remove dishes should be a priority, but it should also be kept out of high-traffic areas or where family members may bump into it accidentally is also important.

It’s hard to beat an air fryer in the kitchen, it’s the best there is! There are a few important factors to consider when placing your air fryer in the kitchen.

Where Should You Put Your Air Fryer in Your Kitchen?

Keeping air fryers safe is the number one priority when it comes to placement. If you have plenty of clearance above and to the sides of your countertop, you can install an air fryer there. The heat generated by air fryers can cause them to cause damage to walls and cabinets if they are too close.  

Make sure you have enough space on the kitchen counter so you can easily remove the hot air fryer basket. When you don’t take the necessary precautions with air fryers, they can damage your countertops.

Air fryers take up space in the kitchen even if they are the best. This is why you should consider the following tips when deciding where to place your air fryer:

The Countertop

Countertop Air Fryer

Air fryers are countertop appliances, so there is only one obvious place for them: on your counter. When you have a smaller kitchen, this is especially convenient.

However, you should make sure you have sufficient counter space for other appliances and food preparation items. It is always possible to free up a countertop space temporarily when using your air fryer if you are limited by countertop space. After you’re done, be sure to put it back.

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Under the Cabinets

Under the Cabinets Air Fryer

It is also a good idea to place your air fryer under the cabinets. As well as reducing counter space, this usually doesn’t take up much space. However, it can be more difficult to access, so if you don’t think you’ll be using the air fryer often, you may want to consider this option.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Air Fryer

The island in your kitchen may be the perfect place to place your air fryer. There’s usually no problem getting to it, even though it’s out of the way. Guests can even watch you cook with an air fryer if you have them over. To support the weight of an air fryer, make sure your kitchen island is sturdy enough.


You can store your air fryer in your pantry as well. Dust and other debris would be protected from the area and it would be reasonably out of the way. It is important to ensure that the pantry is large enough to accommodate the air fryer, because air fryers require proper ventilation, which should not be blocked.


If you have a cupboard that is empty, this can be a great place to put your air fryer. Despite being out of sight, you’ll be able to access it easily when necessary. Don’t overcrowd the cupboard and make sure it’s large enough to fit the air fryer.

Storage Room

Air fryers can be placed in storage rooms, particularly if they are close to the kitchen. Although it’s convenient, it’s not the easiest. Putting an air fryer on a shelf in your storage room will save you space and allow you to use that space more efficiently.

Air Fryer Location Tips

The following are a few key things to keep in mind when planning where to place your air fryer.

Avoid Flammable Materials

In addition, you’ll want to avoid placing the air fryer near materials that can burn. Paper, curtains, towels, and other materials are included in this category.

Now that you know all the important factors to consider, you’re ready to put your air fryer where it deserves to be. In addition to safety factors such as children’s access and flammable materials, keep ventilation, accessibility, and stability in mind.

Proper Ventilation

It is essential to remember that an air fryer needs proper ventilation when selecting its place. There can be smoke and grease produced by air fryers because fans circulate hot air around the food.

The air fryer should be placed in a well-ventilated area due to this process. Air fryers will last longer if you do this, as it prevents smoke and grease from accumulating in the kitchen.


Keeping stability in mind is also important. Similarly to rice cookers, air fryers are heavy and sometimes very hot.

Due to this, it is crucial that the air fryer is placed on a stable surface. In order to prevent an air fryer from tipping over and potentially catching fire, it needs to be placed on a stable surface.

There are some best air fryers that have a built-in safety feature that shuts them off if they tip over. To avoid accidents, however, the air fryer should still be placed on a stable surface.

Keep Young Children Away

Children should not be able to access the air fryer if you have them at home. A hot air fryer can burn children, and young children could burn themselves if they touch it.

Easy Access

To make sure you have easy access to the air fryer, make sure it’s easily accessible so you’re not battling to reach it every time. The following point is particularly important if you plan to use your air fryer on a daily basis or almost every day.

Countertops are usually the best places for air fryers, but this may not be possible in every kitchen. Putting the air fryer on a shelf or in a storage room might be a good option if you don’t have counter space.

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Do air fryers work in cupboards?

As an air fryer requires at least five inches of space on all sides and should be placed on a stable, heat-proof surface when not in use, it should not be kept in a cupboard.

Is there a lot of space taken up by air fryers?

Generally speaking, air fryers are narrow, box-shaped, and can be stored easily in tight areas. It’s a good idea to leave a 5-6-inch gap between the back of the air fryer and the wall and around it in order to use it.

As the air fryer gets very hot, you should place the food and the cooktop far enough away from it to maintain safety. The size of large air fryers can make them take up a great deal of space. They are generally 12-14 inches in size and require a lot of countertop space to store and cook.

What is the best place to place an air fryer in the kitchen?

Unlike other types of kitchen appliances, air fryers require a well-ventilated countertop near an outlet and away from combustible materials.

Is it safe to place an air fryer on a flat surface?

A well-ventilated area of your kitchen is the best place for an air fryer. You should also turn on the vent hood while using it; otherwise, open any windows you might have.

How can I conceal my air fryer in my kitchen?

The air fryer can be hidden in your kitchen by placing it on a shelf or in a storage room in the event that there isn’t any counter space available.

How can you store an air fryer when it’s not in use?

If you don’t use your air fryer, you can find creative storage solutions for it like a customizable cabinet, a shelf with other appliances, or an island with a storage compartment that keeps it accessible but concealed.