Turkey Burgers in Air Fryer Recipe

Turkey Burgers in Air Fryer

Whenever I have a weeknight dinner, I enjoy air fried turkey burgers. You can make them in 15 minutes, and they are so incredibly juicy that you’ll love them. Besides being incredibly simple to prepare, this recipe only requires six ingredients, including fresh garlic, onion, parsley, and lean turkey.

There’s no doubt that this burger recipe will become a family favorite. Cook them on a date night, make them ahead of time, or impress your friends with your culinary skills! They are perfect all year long since you don’t have to grill them outside to cool them. There will be no disappointment with this recipe!


  • Ground Turkey: This recipe is suitable for both 93/7 and 90/10 blends.
  • Onion: The onion can be yellow, sweet, red, or white.
  • Worcestershire Sauce: This is key to the browning on the exterior of the burger and its moist texture.
  • Kosher Salt: Use about half the amount of table salt or sea salt if using them. Compared to these options, kosher salt is about half as salty.
  • Black Pepper: It is optional to add fresh black pepper to the burger.
  • Hamburger Buns

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How to Make the Perfect Turkey Burger

Take half a medium onion and grate it using a box grater with the smallest holes.

Turkey Blends Bowls

Grate two tablespoons of onion and measure it out. Liquid should be left behind as much as possible.

Add Ingredients Bowls

Stir together the turkey, Worcestershire sauce, grated onion, salt (and pepper, if you’re using it) and pepper. It is important not to overwork the turkey meat when mixing the burger mixture. Ensure that the turkey mixture is divided equally into balls.

Mix Turkey Blend in Bowls

Patties can be made by flattening these balls. Air fryer baskets should be lined with parchment paper, then turkey burgers should be layered in them.

Patties Air fryer Baskets

Fry the burgers in an air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 minutes on each side. Towards the end of the cooking time, flip the patties over. Temperature should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit using an instant-read thermometer.

Cooked Patties in Air Fryer

It is important to toast the buns. These instructions for air fryer toast will help you make this in the air fryer. If you don’t have a toaster, you can use a pan on the stovetop and add a bit of oil to toast them.

Air Fryer Toast

Choose your favorite toppings and condiments and build your burgers. Now, serve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do air fryers work with frozen turkey patties?

A deep fryer is capable of cooking frozen turkey patties. Patties that are frozen don’t need to be thawed. As a matter of fact, I think this is the perfect way to cook frozen turkey patties. You can cook them in an air fryer for 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, flipping halfway through the cooking process.

Do you need a lot of ground turkey when making burgers?

The size and number of the burgers you want determine the answer to this question. 4.7 ounces is the weight of each patty. Ground turkey weighs a pound and a third if you want four larger, ⅓ pound burgers.

Are these burgers possible without an air fryer?

That’s right! Alternatively, you can cook them in a frying pan on the stovetop or on the grill. Over medium-high heat, heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable or canola oil. After 5-7 minutes per side, the outside should be browned and the center should be a golden brown.

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Can You Make Turkey Burgers Ahead of Time?

That’s right! To freeze these air fryer turkey burgers for later use, you can make double batches or triple batches.

  • Put the turkey on a waxed or parchment-lined cookie sheet after forming it into a burger shape.
  • Freeze for 1-2 hours or until firm but not frozen solid, covered loosely in plastic wrap.
  • Place the burgers in a freezer-safe ziplock bag after separating the patties with parchment paper. Until 3 months after freezing, store in the freezer.
  • The frozen burgers can be cooked in the air fryer after being frozen, but they will take longer to cook. It is also possible to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator.

Turkey Burgers in Air Fryer

Turkey Burgers in Air Fryer

Air fryer turkey burgers are juicy, crispy, and full of flavor! It is a very easy recipe to make and you can add any toppings you like to it. You can cook burgers in the air fryer quickly, safely, and tasty.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes


  • 1 pound lean ground turkey
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 hamburger buns
  • ½ onion any color
  • Fresh black pepper optional
  • ¾ teaspoon kosher salt


    Grate half of a medium onion with a box grater fitted with the smallest holes. Two tablespoons of the grated onion should be used. Any liquid left behind should be discarded.

    In a bowl, combine the turkey, Worcestershire sauce, grated onion, salt, and pepper. It is important to thoroughly mix the turkey burger mixture.

    Separate the turkey into four portions and roll each into a ball. Using a rolling pin, flatten each ball into a patty. Air fryer baskets should be lined with parchment paper at the bottom.

    Make sure that the turkey patties are stacked in a single layer on the air fryer basket. It may be necessary to work in batches if overcrowding occurs. The patties should be fried at 400 degrees for about 4 minutes per side. During the cooking process, flip halfway through.

    A turkey should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit when the internal temperature is measured with an instant-read thermometer. You will need to return the patties to the air fryer basket if they have not already been cooked.

    While waiting for the buns to toast, toast them. If you want to toast them in an air fryer you must wait until the turkey burger patties are done before toasting them in the air fryer for 3 minutes at 400 degrees.

    Your burgers are ready to serve when you top them with your favorite toppings!

Nutrition Information:



Amount Per Serving: Calories: 259Total Fat: 4gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0.02gCholesterol: 62mgSodium: 817mgCarbohydrates: 24gFiber: 1gSugar: 5gProtein: 31g
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